1. Please arrive to the game spot 10 minutes before the game at the latest. Delayed time can be reduced from the actual game time.
  2. A booked game can be cancelled 2 days before the actual game via email or phone. For a game which is cancelled later than 2 days, we will charge a fee of 50€. For a no-show we will charge the full price.
  3. Alcohol isn’t allowed in our premises. We reserve the right to refuse admission to players who are too intoxicated for the safety of other players and game masters. If game is cancelled or stopped due intoxication, we will charge cancellation fee 50€.
  4. The payment is done on the spot with debit or credit card. Companies can be billed with a 6€ billing charge.
  5. The booking has gone through only when you receive confirmation email of your booking. Please check that the confirmation has arrived to your email.


Mystery is available only through booking. Bookings can be made 16 hours before the actual game time online, but for reservations after this we ask you to contact us via phone. The games run ordinarily from Monday to Saturday between 10am to 9pm.


Everyone who books via our online booking system or buys products in our online store agree to the terms in our register terms.