Our Story

Our Story

This story has seen just the beginning

The birth story of Mystery takes place between failure, slush, snowfall and boredom, where we wanted to do something more fun and interesting than visiting museums. A holiday in freezing Tallinn made Emmi and Jussi do something typical for them; it made them try out new things, get enthusiastic together and challenge themselves. Eventually, a TripAdvisor search led them to play a room escape game in the back streets of Tallinn. What might have been an omen for Mystery’s story was that they didn’t manage to escape the game. The idea of room escape got a permanent hold of them, and it hasn’t let go since.

Sorry… it’s only available in Finnish.


Inspire and connect people through games.


To be the most interesting and most high quality real life game producer in Finland.


Emmi Kärnä - Creative Director - Mysteeri

Emmi Kärnä

Game planning & Quality

040 778 9711

Jussi Venäläinen - CEO - Mysteeri

Jussi Venäläinen

Finance & Quantity

040 739 1848

Also in the action

Juha Leppäkynnäs - Mysteeri

Juha Leppäkynnäs

People & Location

050 501 7839

Janne Parri - Mysteeri

Janne Parri

Marketing & Websites

040 835 2884

Billing information

Mysteeri Experience Oy
Itämerenkatu 8 A6
00180 Helsinki

Business ID: 2670216-6
E-invoicing adress: FI0518383000023150

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