Heading to an escape room for the first time? Here’s 4 tips to get you going.

I was excited too…

Tips and tricks for an escape room are not easily found, and the first time I went in to play I had no clue what to expect. But there was this small and determined thought rattling around in my head, that I wanted to do this, that something important would come of it. Or at the very least it would be a lot of fun, at least when done in the company of right people. “You never forget your first time”, is a mantra I’ve found myself repeating many a time afterwards.

Then, from a secluded alley in Tallin Estonia, we found a door with a plaque  “Adventure Rooms Tallin”. We yanked the scuffed door open and saw our first game host. My first thought was one of relief, ”he doesn’t look like a chainsaw murderer”. My imagination had run wild about being locked in a room long before we arrived. I’m sure the thought of being mugged, hooded and thrown down to a cellar to rot passed through my mind at some point. Of course none of those things happened, and instead we were greeted by a friendly professional who quickly managed to still my racing heart. Eventually, though not exactly in time, we found our way out. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Room Escape vinkit - Miten selviät ensimmäisestä kerrasta


4 tips for your first escape room

Many of you who clicked on this link are likely hopefull that I’m going to reveal what kinds of puzzles we have, what size our rooms are and what happens in an escape room when the time runs out. However, since most of the above are answered in our FaQ, I’m instead going to arm you with some advice I hope I’d had myself when first heading to a game.


1) Be on time

Hectic pace before the game helps neither the player nor the game host. All members of your team need to be on site at least 15 minutes before your game is scheduled to start in order to let your pulse settle, breathe a sigh of relief, realize you need to visit the toilet and finally, listen to the rules properly. I’ve personally gone to a game late and can honestly say that the whole deer-in-the-headlights feeling isn’t conducive to solving puzzles.


2) You’re the hero of the game, not us

The first 10 minutes of our first game were spent dumbfounded. The clock counting down our time made me anxious and I had no idea what to do first. (I seem to recall hoping someone would just hand me a key out of here) My suggestion is to exactly what I didn’t, and start exploring. Escape rooms are solved only if the players in it take action. You should never lose hope even if things feel sluggish at first, since the first game of pretty much everyone is, at least partially, spent wondering in amazement. Our game hosts will nudge you gently in the right direction to get you started.


3) Keep yourself sharp

Eating in a buffet and rolling in to a game completely stuffed is the cause of one of my least enjoyable escape room experiences. Room escape game isn’t more easily solved if you’ve overeaten, slept for two hours the night before and especially not if you’re tipsy or drunk! If you need eyeglasses remember to bring them along, it’s virtually a guarantee that you’ll need them.


4) Remember to think outside the box

For our youngest players this often happens naturally. When parents play with their children I’ve often heard them say “That can’t be it” when the child presents them with a solution. Take a guess which one actually cracks the puzzle in the end? Be open for the idea that the solution might be something that you’re not expecting.


We wish you a pleasant experience armed with these tips, and welcome you to your first room escape experience in Mysteeri! Don’t worry, we’re not chainsaw murderers either 😉


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