Escape Room games in Turku

This is how our games work

Gather your team

Gather your team

You and your team are locked in a room for an hour. Your task is to solve the room’s mystery and to get out of the room in time.

Play against time

Play against time

During the game you’ll need logical reasoning and creativity to solve the puzzles. Your team spirit will also be tested in surprising ways

Solve the mystery

Solve the mystery

Can you and your team escape the room in time?

Tiina Arpola

Really addictive entertainment. I can't wait for next mysteries to be solved.

Jyrki Talvitie

Tarja Sovijärvi

Mysteeri's rooms are great experiences! Story creates a unique framework for "escaping" and the multitude of puzzles challenges every brain in the group in new ways!

Juha-Pekka Hytönen

It was a cool experience and served us well. There was lots of group work, communication and small competitiveness. We've been coming back to those memories quite often.

Satu-Maarit Urtti

Great experience! I would go back immediately, I'm all hooked. The service was also extremely friendly and nice, so the whole set was great! Thank you!

What the games are not about




Although our stories and rooms are exciting they do not include elements horror. There are some rooms in Finland that focus on scaring but those are always separated from others. At Mysteeri you can concentrate on the challenges of the room without worry.



Escape room games are not meant to play in a sardine can. Many people with claustrophobia have exceeded their fears in our games and loved the experience very much. If you have such fears, you can ask your game host to take them into account.

Aimless competition

Aimless competition

In the room the time is your competitor, not the other players. Success and fun are present even if you do not get out of the room. If your team is experienced and you want to break records may ask your game host about the Pro league.

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Escape Rooms in Turku

 The Classroom

It feels like just a few moments have past from your school days… Biology teacher Lahtinen’s lessons were especially unforgettable because of his strangeness. Lahtinen would often say: “Who would not find the cutting of small animal interesting?” Lahtinen has sent you an invitation, where he says he will retire soon and therefore wants to give his last lecture. Will there be celebration or is the reason for the meeting something very different…?


NB! The Classroom is an updated version of Real-Life Room Escapen’s The Classroom room. If you have played the game earlier, we do not recommend playing it again.

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The Treasure of Sunken Turku

Many people know about archaeological excavations around the Turku Castle, but few know about the ancient sites under the Aura River. The last breakthrough in the excavations took place in Olavintie, where it became clear that underwater treasures became accessible with submarines! The first signs made researchers realize that the found objects are located in the golden age of Turku’s history, almost 200 years ago… However, some findings have made thearchaeological association of Southern Finland terrified: nobody wants to go to excavations or talk about the site anymore. How something from the past old can be so shocking? What does the underwater treasure of Turku tell you?


NB! The Treasure of Sunken Turku is an updated version of Real-Life Room Escapen’s The Treasure of Sunken Turku. If you have played the game earlier, we do not recommend playing it again.

More info is on the way Book NoW!


The Hotel (K18)

The Hotel Mystery is a place of rest for many different travelers. There are many odd personalities, events and happenings in the hotel’s history, but most of all, there is an unresolved mystery of Room 785. The room happens to be invisible: no one has been able to find it in the corridor where it should be located. According to the story behind the door of that room is hiding the whole world. That world is a dystopia, where wisdom is a forgotten history … Despite its invincibility, the room invites fearless tourists to an expedition. unfortunately only few have returned. Do you dare to solve the mystery behind room 785?


NB! The Hotel is an updated version of Real-Life Room Escapen’s The Hotel. If you have played the game earlier, we do not recommend playing it again.

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Escape Room games are priced according to the number of players. Please notice that we don't accept cash as a means of payment.


2 players
38per person
  • 76 in total
3 players
30per player
  • 90€ in total
4 players
25per person
  • 100€ in total
5 players
22per player
  • 110€ in total

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This is what our customers think about our games in Turku

4,8/5 (122 reviews)

4,8/5 (122 reviews)

The Classroom was a gorgeous, straightforward, yet sophisticated, positively challenging, exquisite experience! We got out smiling a few minutes before the deadline, we thank and bail to the creators!

4,6/5 (29 reviews)

4,6/5 (29 reviews)

We tried their new "Hotel" room and it was filled with new kinds of puzzles, creepy atmosphere, but most of all super exciting! We didn't clear it in time though. -Jens

4,5/5 (9 reviews)

4,5/5 (9 reviews)

Our ice hockey team enjoyed a great deal of mystery. The difficulty was appropriate, and there was good guidance on how to act.

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THE HOTEL – 2-5 persons

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This is how you will find us in the real world

Olavintie 2

You will find the right address by walking a few steps from the Aura bridge towards Kurjenmäki. The mysterious Olavintie 2 hides the Mystery of Turku, where gamers can get their brains challenged and interesting Mystery Room and Escape room games. Mysteeri Turku’s quarter can accommodate teams up to 3 x 5 people at a time, but even bigger teams can succeed by contacting us.


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