Bachelor parties


Start your bachelor party in escape room!

Best way to start your bachelor party

There are many ways to make our bachelor parties in Tampere a memorable day. For example we can lock the soon to be wife or husband to the room by herself! After a desperate start (about 10 minutes), you managed to save the hero and play the game to the Finnish. If you like we can arrange blindfolded entrance for an extra 10 euros.

We can do all of these and give you ideas for the the big day! Perhaps some almost forgotten ex might be renting an apartment from Mysteeri? Jaska at least in known to be a ladies man and the Classroom has seen many acts… Contact us and we will plan a memorable day together!


Get in touch well before hand. We will gladly help with ideas.


You will solve cognitive demanding tasks. Keep your mind clear and save the shots for after the game.


During this exciting hour, your group will come together and you will challenge yourselves as well as the hero of the day. Sounds fun, right?

Mysteeri was a great choice for the bachelor party's starting program. We got fun and challenging activity to do with a large group. For the hero, we hide a love letter from the soon to be husband. Everything was topped with the friendly and helpful customer service from the initial inquiries to the actual escape! Thank you.

- Tia

Be in touch,
Let's plan together!