Escape Room games in Pori

This is how our games work

Gather your team

Gather your team

You and your team are locked in a room for an hour. Your task is to solve the room’s mystery and to get out of the room in time.

Play against time

Play against time

During the game you’ll need logical reasoning and creativity to solve the puzzles. Your team spirit will also be tested in surprising ways

Solve the mystery

Solve the mystery

Can you and your team escape the room in time?

Tiina Arpola

Really addictive entertainment. I can't wait for next mysteries to be solved.

Jyrki Talvitie

Tarja Sovijärvi

Mysteeri's rooms are great experiences! Story creates a unique framework for "escaping" and the multitude of puzzles challenges every brain in the group in new ways!

Juha-Pekka Hytönen

It was a cool experience and served us well. There was lots of group work, communication and small competitiveness. We've been coming back to those memories quite often.

Satu-Maarit Urtti

Great experience! I would go back immediately, I'm all hooked. The service was also extremely friendly and nice, so the whole set was great! Thank you!





Although our stories and rooms are exciting they do not include elements horror. There are some rooms in Finland that focus on scaring but those are always separated from others. At Mysteeri you can concentrate on the challenges of the room without worry.



Escape room games are not meant to play in a sardine can. Many people with claustrophobia have exceeded their fears in our games and loved the experience very much. If you have such fears, you can ask your game host to take them into account.

Aimless competition

Aimless competition

In the room the time is your competitor, not the other players. Success and fun are present even if you do not get out of the room. If your team is experienced and you want to break records may ask your game host about the Pro league.

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Escape Rooms in Pori

Jaska’s Pub

Last night was insanely fun. You met this great guy called Jaska and the night culminated with a party in his home pub. While Talisker and other whiskeys were flowing you found out two things: Jaska was a bit tougher of a guy than you thought and he was really nervous all night long.

Suddenly, when the night is at its funniest, you noticed that Jaska isn’t there anymore. The pub door is locked and something bad is on its way…

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Sofia’s Mind

An elderly lady found on a roof has been delivered to the a mental institute. The woman hasn’t been identified, which is why the nurses have started to call her Sofia. “The important is safe, the important is safe, the important is safe”, seem to be the only words you can get out from her. She also seems to be scared to death of mirrors…

Step into Sofia’s mind to find out who she really is.

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Mr. Rabbit

“A tricycle, a pumpkin, a wanderer,” Mr. Rabbit shouts from the remoteness of his rooms. Even though strange things are pretty commonplace for Mr. Rabbit, you decide to compliment the shouting from the doorway: “What did you say, Mr. Rabbit?” The chin and pan of the room are silent for a moment to which Mr. Rabbit answers with a scary voice, “Time.” O’ my, is the rabbit finally going completely crazy? The thing turns out to be even more strange, when the rabbit can not be found anywhere in the following week. His door happens to be open invitationally… And in his apartment there is a phone ringing. What has happened to Mr. Rabbit?


NB! Mr. Rabbit is an updated version of Real-Life Room Escapen’s Mr. Rabbit room. If you have played the game earlier, we do not recommend playing it again.

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The Murder Case

The white sheet is lovinglycovering the man lying beneath it, drawing the facial features of the character. However, the lining does not rise, as there is no breathing anymore. There has been a murder at the factory. The choice of fabric is not the worst thing, but who lies under it: the factory chairman’s young wife. Someone wishes misfortune to the factory, but who? Is this murder a one of a kind event – or one of the many to come?


NB! The Murder Case is an updated version of Real-Life Room Escapen’s The Murder Case. If you have played the game earlier, we do not recommend playing it again.

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Escape Room games are priced according to the number of players. Please notice that we don't accept cash as a means of payment.


2 players
39per person
  • 78€ in total
3 players
31per playes
  • 93€ in total
4 players
27per player
  • 108€ in total
5 players
25per person
  • 125€ in total

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This is what our customers think about our games in Pori.

4,9/5 (79 reviews)

4,9/5 (79 reviews)

Really amazing experience! I can recommend. The staff was also really nice and I'm already waiting for the next game!

4,5/5 (30 reviews)

4,5/5 (30 reviews)

Went to the Mr. Rabbit room, it was challenging and fun. Would recommend.

4,5/5 (16 arvostelua)

4,5/5 (16 arvostelua)

Loistava huonepakopeli joka haastaa osallistujat selviytymään ulos tunnissa. Ei liian vaikea, mutta ei todellakaan myöskään helppo. Ryhmämme selvisi ulos vain kaksi sekuntia ennen ajan päättymistä. Suosittelen ehdottomasti kokeilemaan!

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Mr. Rabbit 2-5 persons

The Murder Case 2-5 persons


Jaska’s Pub 2-5 persons


Sofia’s Mind 2-5 persons


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You can reach us from at the number 044 235 7370 or just click the button bellow on mobile.

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Pohjoisranta 11

You can find the right address by walking the northern side of the river towards Kirjuriluoto. After the cotton mill, you will find a walled area where the mystery lies. The mysterious Pohjoisranta 11 hides the Mystery of Pori, where gamers can challenge their brains in interesting Mystery Room and Escape Room games. Quarters can fit up to ten at a time. If you have a bigger team it’s not a problem but you should contact us.



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