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In today’s material filled world the best presents are immaterial. Mysteeri gift cards won’t leave the recipient cold or even lukewarm, whether they got it for birthday, Christmas or even as a business gift. You can order the gift certificates either from our webstore or call one of our offices and pick it up directly.

Mysteeri is a real-life room escape game, where your team of 2-to-5 people have an hour to solve the mystery and escape the room. To solve the mystery and escape requires cleverness, creativity and teamwork from all of you. Finding or solving a clue leads to another and eventually to the solution of the mystery and escaping the room.

Give someone an unforgettable experience. Our cards are good for 6 months and work in all Mysteeri escape rooms in all Mysteeri cities.

Both Gift Cards are equal in price.

Free Delivery

We deliver all products via mail (1-4 business days delivery time) with no additional cost. Orders are processed daily. Gift cards are delivered in regular envelopes so that they can’t be identified as a present.

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In our online store you can pay in following ways:

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Following Finnish banks are accepted: Nordea, OP, Danske, S-pankki, Ålansbanken, Handelsbanken Aktia, Pop, Säästöpankki and OmaSP

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Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express and Maestro

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